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O Rings

O Rings

An O-Ring is a mechanical gasket in rounded shape used for packing & sealing, it is designed in such a way that it can fit in a groove and be compressed to give better sealing qualities.


O-Rings are the most preferred sealing component because of the low cost, easy to make & simple mounting requirements.


They are manufactured thru a process is known as molding,


O-Rings are available in various sizes the most common of them being AS568, BS & JIS2401 to name a few. The O-Ring size constitutes of two main dimensions: Inner Diameter (ID) & Cross Section (CS).


With the right selection of material, an O-Ring can be used in a varied media such as Gas, Fuel, Chemical, Water, Lubricants Etc.


Other then the standard sizes ISG is able to offer O-Rings in non-standard sizes as per the customer requirement & application.


ISG can offer O-Rings various polymers some of which are below.


  • FKM (VITON®)
  • EPDM
  • HNBR


O-Rings in all above material can be produced in regular hardness ( 70 / 75 / 90 ) Shore A.
With a very sound compounding knowledge, ISG can produce o-rings in various other hardness as per customer & application requirements.



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Temp Range: -20°C to +100°C

For sealing purpose Nitrile (NBR) is the most preferred and commonly used polymer as not only is it cost effective, it also gives excellent resistance for temperatures between -35°C to +120°C and works well with oil & fuel. Nitrile compounds as compared to other polymers have the best compression set, tear and abrasion resistance.

Pneumatics & Hydraulics application manufacturers prefer Nitrile (NBR) O-Rings due to its resistance properties against hydraulic fluids, grease, water, air and some flame-retardant liquids.

Chemically Nitrile is copolymer of acrylonitrile & butadiene, and its quality depends upon the percentage of acrylonitrile in the base polymer.

The regular hardness for Nitrile (NBR) O-Rings is 70 & 90 Shore A, However ISG can manufacture it in various hardness between 40 to 90 shore hardness as per customer and application requirements


Temp Range: -26°C to +220°C

Fluorocarbon / FKM O-Rings give excellent resistance to various chemicals, acids, mineral & aromatic oils, petrol, diesel and high vacuum applications.

FKM O-Rings are most in industries like aerospace, automobile and other mechanical devices which function in elevated temperatures. The temperature range of this polymer is between -25°C to +220°C.
Fluorocarbon elastomers have a high content of fluorine because of which they give very good resistance to harsh chemicals and ozone attacks.

FKM O-Rings have better chemical compatibility, temperature range, low compression set and excellent ageing properties due to which its widely used in vacuum applications.

The regular hardness for FKM (VITON®) O-Rings is 75 & 90 Shore A, However, ISG can manufacture it in various hardness between 40 to 90 shore hardness as per customer and application requirements.


Temp Range: -40°C to +200°C

Silicone O-Rings have very good low & high-temperature resistance. Because they do not give out any odour or taste, the food & medical industries prefer this polymer as in many of their machinery the food products and medicines come in contact with the rubber.

Silicone O-Rings are resistant to ozone, UV radiation, some oils, brake fluids & hot air. Vacuum applications like the hot air oven utilise silicone O-Rings & Gaskets for sealing purpose because of the above qualities.

Usually, silicone does not have that great tear, tensile & abrasion resistance, however with special compounding formulations the above properties can be made better.

With its vast knowledge in compounding & formulations, ISG can offer silicone O-Rings with very good compression & heat resistance.
Silicone O-Rings can be manufactured by ISG Elastomers in various shore hardness (40 to 90 Shore A) as per customer and application requirements.

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